Offering individual online therapy in California and New York

I am a gay, humanistic and focusing-oriented psychotherapist.

My preferred pronouns are he/him/his.

I know what it’s like to question your sense of self. I’ve been on a personal journey that has led to things I never expected when I was younger – like a career in psychotherapy (and an online one at that). Growing up, I always enjoyed math – because there’s always an answer – so when I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, the next step would likely have been something… actuarial? In hindsight, for me I dodged a bullet.

However, when a friend invited me to join them at a crisis counselor training shortly before our college graduation, I knew I had found my calling. Looking back several years later, I can see how such a resonance with me and my earlier life experiences in that experience produced a shift of my perspective on myself and my career.

I love living in CA but there are parts of me that identify with how and where I grew up that I know will be with me forever and I won’t see those parts as “this move was the wrong choice” we can have parts of ourselves that don’t agree with what we do… but we still do those things.

Now I help individuals understand their experiences, tap into their needs, and develop a more secure sense of self. I use a Focusing-oriented approach (which you can learn more about here) to help my clients connect with and be more attuned to their lived, felt experiences.

My Therapy Style

It’s crucial to find a therapist with whom you can personally connect. There’s no “right way” to do therapy, but each therapist has their own unique style. Listening is essential, but I find my clients are seeking someone to be interactive with them in their process, and not someone who feels to them like a passive observer.

I consider my approach to working with clients to be humanist, relational, and playful. That means I focus on you and your personal responsibility in our work together. I also find it helpful to not take ourselves too seriously within our therapy work. If you can laugh a little, I have found that it can help you to keep an open, curious stance, and that in turn can help us dive a little deeper and make more progress.

I’m on my own journey, which helps me engage even better with you on your journey. My therapy style is all about giving you access to everything that helps you be open and curious to your experiences.

My style seems to translate well to the virtual space, where it can feel challenging to build a relationship with your therapist (or anyone). And if you consider yourself a “people pleaser,” this style of helping you explore and get to the root of your own needs, and accepting that they matter, might resonate with you.

As of now, I’m able to offer online therapy in California and New York.

Feeling like we’d be a good fit to work together?